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New Book- Mr. Spaloom Blooms
A charming children's book just completed and is being used in schools.
Lily, a young girl feeling out of place, meets a gardener Mr. Spaloom her neighbor. He shows her how to take care of the garden and care for living things. She shares her knowledge at school and finds acceptance.
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Bamboozlers Book 2
The second book by Jim Tyler illustrated by Ben Vincent
Bamboozlers #2 will be out by Christmas 2009. The book contains over 100 amazing tricks cleverly explained with detailed illustrations.
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BEN VINCENT created over 150 drawings for Diamond Jim's magic book. It's easy to learn these magic tricks from this fully illustrated instruction book. Check it out---if you are lucky enough to purchase one you'll find it well worth your while. Here is a YouTube promo for BamBoozlers, the book of bankable bar betchas! The book is just now out so don't miss this latest book by Diamond Jim.

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John Deere Christmas Surprise illustrated by Ben Vincent
The Cartoon John Deere window book has over 50 opening windows illustrating hidden actions revealed through  the open window. Six John Deere tractors are illustrated in bright vibrant colors on coated stock paper. The cartoon John Deere tractors happily proceed doing their work through out the day.  The art was made at the same time it was being written making it very challenging to keep up with the changes.  The end result is a delightful cartoon  John Deere book suitable and desired every holiday season.  
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Adventure of the Elements---storyboards for an upcoming animated series
BEN VINCENT has been drawing storyboards for an animated series of thirteen 3-D episodes entitled "The Adventures of the Elements," created for television and DVD release, produced by Richard James of Alchemy Creative and Trent DiGiulio of CAT Studios in Dallas.
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Prose illustrated by Ben Vincent
The latest book created by Mrs. Abercrombie will be out before the end of the year.  Ben Vincent illustrated the story written in prose style. The story was modified slightly as we began work on interpreting the text and  what Mrs. Abercrombie wanted to say.   
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Caricatures for Southwest Airlines
BEN VINCENT has been drawing caricatures for the VPs at Southwest Airlines for many years. There are over 30 of these wonderful caricatures on display in the lobby at the headquarters of SWA.
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